Meet the Buddy Blake Band

A Rock and Roll Drive with The Who riding shotgun – Counting Crows, REM, Grand Funk and Zeppelin in the backseat of a car once owned by Tom Petty. The interior is made up of Buddy Bolter (Lead Guitar) and Blake Bell (vocals, rhythms) -- under the hood are Tom McMillan (Bass) and Bob Matteson (Drums).

Categories Include: Modern Classic Rock, Heartland Rock, Swamp Rock, Singer- Songwriter, Classic Rock, Album Rock, Mellow Gold, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Neo Mellow, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Supergroup, Modern Rock, Modern Blues Rock, Garage Rock Revival

Meet The Buddy Blake Band: a modern classic rock band hailing from Pensacola, Florida. With a rock and roll drive reminiscent of The Who, and influences like Zeppelin, REM, Grand Funk and Counting Crows, their sound is a harmonious blend of nostalgia and fresh vibes.

TBBB features the pairing of two dynamic duos Buddy Bolter on lead guitar and Blake Bell on vocals, rhythm guitar, and keys, and Bob Matteson on drums and Tom McMillan on bass, keys, and guitars that hold down the rhythm section.

The Buddy Blake Band is a self-contained band, handling everything from writing and recording to producing and promoting their music. Their unique sound, though familiar, captivates listeners with a universal appeal.

Recording their basic tracks "live in studio”, they have honed their process over time, ensuring an authentic and energetic sound. With over a hundred tracks on SoundCloud and counting, their blistering recording schedule and continuous flow of new ideas keep the music fresh and exciting.

Releasing their 12th album, in December, 2023, entitled “Lawrence of Albuquerque,” the band has received a lot of positive press:

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You can catch their music on various platforms, including Bandcamp, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify, where they showcase their talent and dedication to their craft. Follow them on their Various Links: Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website to stay up-to-date with their latest releases and happenings.

For bookings and inquiries, you can reach them via text at (850) 684-8791 or through email at Don't miss out on experiencing The Buddy Blake Band and their electrifying performances!