1. Civil War

### Another One Clam Production Produced by Byn Jons and The Buddy Blake Band Basic tracks recorded live at Custom Sound Studio, Pensacola Overdubs done at Custom Sound, Mockingbird Sound, Navarre and Shadyhead Studio, Elsewhere Engineered by Morton Shamen and Bobby Custom Mixed at Mockingbird Sound by The Diesel, assisted by The Buddy Blake Band All songs Bolter/Bell/Matteson/McMillan Blake Bell-Vocals, Electric Guitar, Piano Buddy Bolter-Lead Guitar, Electric Guitars, Acoustic 12 String Guitar Bob Matteson-Drums, Percussion Tom McMillan-Bass, Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards (c)(p) 2022 Heard Mentality Music, All Rights Reserved Info@buddyblakeband.com www.buddyblakeband.com https://sng.to/thebuddyblakeband


Civil War

Every morning
At the break of dawn
Campfires are embers
I strap my armor on

Every afternoon
Round half past two
Shadows in the tree lines
What we gonna do

And it’s all been civil
Up to this part
Head on a swivel
Make no mistake this is war

Eyes on the rampart
I keep my mettle warm
The wisdom I will impart
In the coming storm

Off in the distance
I hear the war tom
The piece de resistance
Breaks the noisy calm

It was decided, before it began
In me you confided, now I’m a different man

(Every whisper of every waking hour)

Every morning
At the break of dawn
I feel the warning
And it’s never gone

©2022 Heard Mentality Music. All Rights Reserved