### Another One Clam Production Produced by Byn Jons and The Buddy Blake Band Basic tracks recorded live at Custom Sound Studio, Pensacola Overdubs done at Custom Sound, Mockingbird Sound, Navarre and Shadyhead Studio, Elsewhere Engineered by Morton Shamen and Bobby Custom Mixed at Mockingbird Sound by The Diesel, assisted by The Buddy Blake Band All songs Bolter/Bell/Matteson/McMillan Blake Bell-Vocals, Electric Guitar, Piano Buddy Bolter-Lead Guitar, Electric Guitars, Acoustic 12 String Guitar Bob Matteson-Drums, Percussion Tom McMillan-Bass, Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards (c)(p) 2019 Heard Mentality Music, All Rights Reserved Info@buddyblakeband.com www.buddyblakeband.com https://sng.to/thebuddyblakeband


Riptide (Monsoon)

There's a monsoon coming, I feel it in my mind
The Rain has started falling but it's clear outside
I’ll never let you see just what my monster does
You look at me and think that this is all in fun

But inside, I cannot hide
I'm in a riptide

36 hours ago, I couldn't get to you
But the river’s risen now and now, it's just we two
Should I throw you overboard now that you know what I've done?
I can tell them all I tried to save you from this flood

But inside, I cannot hide
I'm in a riptide

Inside, I cannot hide
I'm in a riptide

There's a monsoon coming for you everyday
Pretend it doesn't matter, will it go away?
You're the one they all love and you're sure to please
Act like you're all together but you're on your knees

Inside, you cannot hide
You're in a riptide

There's a monsoon coming and it's in my mind
So much is going wrong in such a little time
Seems like it's fine one minute then I’m up to my eyes
You wake up treading water in this pool of lies

Inside, you wanna die
You're in a riptide

©2019 Heard Mentality Music. All Rights Reserved